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Ganious--His music combines introspective and vigilant lyrics with ambient and often hard-hitting beats that pound his stories home. His debut album, "MENTALLY DRIVEN", explores politics, mental health, and self-destruction while also embracing love and resurrection. Songs like, "A Nation Undone", shout lyrical social political eruption: "I worry 'bout emancipation, while they free to be on vacation", while another track, "Cold", delves into heartbreak: "You know sugar, you're hurting me, this pain in me--this misery is getting to me constantly" and a cry for revival in "Holla" and "Gimme A Reason."  Ganious' most recent track, "Brown Ivy" has blazed great trails for him in this journey  garnering wonderful reviews.


Ganious' worked in many aspects of the entertainment industry, from music to film to special events, spent years as a health and wellness consultant, as well as authored the acclaimed memoire, "The Third Rail" (Barnes and Noble).  The story of a man who chooses self-destruction to identify and understand the plight of his dying mother, only to learn a "Higher Power" has a different set of rules.  Ganious is wholeheartedly honored and humbled by your interest and support.

Review of the debut album, "Mentally Driven"

Review of Ganious’ debut album,  “Mentally Driven” by Recording Engineer and Artist Tim Matthews 

How ya doin brother?  Hope this finds you well man.  First off, I enjoyed meeting you that day a lot man—it’s is so good to connect to someone through music and just life stories…so that being said, onto seriousness.  I'm right now listening to your album, “Mentally Driven”, that you so graciously gave me. 

(pre warning:  I sometimes get a little critical—big lie, I get a lot critical but i hold back)   I’m gonna try not to do that with your album, cause if I did, I’d probably break down every song with what I am or am not hearing, which way I think things pan or should be panned and a whole lot of technical shit that probably doesn't need to be included in the first email I am sending to a new acquaintance. Okay had to say that cause I hate seeming like a dick because I hear so much when I listen to music, I hear reverbs n choruses n tones and eq's n shit!  Anyway point is I will probably listen to this album 3 times just to be able to hear all I hear and to listen to your lyrics and overall composition, which should be my only goal on first listen but I can't shut it off man!

I am diggin’ it man!  You’re creativity with the synths is damn good!  Love the tones you are choosing to put in all the music!  The beats are smooth with a decent amount of swagger!  I love the xylophone-like sound you have in, “Her pencil skirt”.  The beats on, “Holla" are trippy and nice—just needs some breakin' up with a few other drum sounds to kind of mix it up more!  “Earth to Momma”, is fantastic!  I would love to add another beat in there!  I may remix it if you don’t mind and if I can to a satisfactory sound!   You show more emotional range on this one.  You let go a little more than you have in the previous songs!  I can really feel this one man!   Diggin' the shit out of this one!  Wish I would of known you during the recording, I would have loved give you input on how to break up the monotony of the drum loops and what not because it's so good.  It could use some drum fills—know what I mean—to move it along, just as well as your vocals do!  I really like this one!   Beautiful sentiment in the song man!  Is that a sample of a guitar player riffing or did you get someone to play that line?  I think you said you weren't a guitar player but I could be remembering wrong!  “Nation Undone” is tight but throws me off as to who you are as a musical entity.  This one is more reggae or actually more rocksteady maybe, almost like Men At Work in my opinion but mixed with more Jamaican influences rather than just Caribbean!  Now, “Set Me Free” is on with spoken word like vibe that turns into a Caribbean vibe with that chorus.  These last two songs go great together but in my opinion you should of made two EPs, like these two songs and one for your hip hop vibe!  However, I dig this song a lot, you nailed the vibe! 

Wow now it just transitioned into a more techno-industrial-like song!  “Holla”!  How almost Nine Inch Nails of you but without screaming and no electric guitars.  Still, it's dark sounding, but maybe more like a harder PM dawn (no offense intended, I know someone who would slug me for comparing them to the Dawn.  They wrote damn good music on their tracks with great use of moody synths) ! !  I likes!  Wow, a crazy change into that string quartet break-down!  I like that!  “Hollapocalypse Now” is decent! cool use of atmosphere and guitar! 

Okay I'm gonna stop writing and just listen!  See man, I can't turn it off! sometimes it's awesome others it sucks!  Hahaha!

I do dig what you have accomplished here man!  Damn good effort, especially since if memory serves you said this is your first foray into recording!  I love the lyrics a lot man! you can write!  Okay enough I could go on for hours like this!  Glad I got to meet you man!  Send me some more music.  I love listening!  Hope you are having a great week!